Ted Williams Tunnel Information
Posted Monday, July 24, 2006

Ted Williams Tunnel Information

Because of the lengthening list of problems, Governor Mitt Romney and other state officials have backed away from once-confident forecasts of reopening. Affected Big Dig tunnels and ramps are closed indefinitely, and the full extent of problems will remain unknown until more extensive inspections are completed.

The Silver Line and Logan Express Busses have been allowed to use the tunnel but must have a police escort and travel at a speed of 5 MPH because of workers in the tunnels performing repairs. This issue is re-assessed on a daily basis. Commercial vehicles, Taxi Cabs, and Livery Vehicles will not be allowed access to the Ted Williams tunnels Eastbound because of the traffic impact and safety concerns due to the volume of vehicles that would use the tunnel.

Early releases are being arranged thruout the city to relieve the traffic impact caused by the closures. The decision to re-open the affected areas will come from the Governors office and the Mass Turnpike Authority and not Massport.

As a precaution companies should allow more time for airport transportation during the peak travel hours in the morning and afternoon. Some operators are reporting the need of adding up to 1 additional hour to ensure their clients arrive on time for their flights.  

Drivers should plan for multiple ways to access the airport. One of which is Government Center/Storrow Drive Exit; this is the access most drivers must take to get to Logan to use the Callahan Tunnel. Alternate routes are used by taking Route 16 thru Waltham and Somerville to Revere to access the airport via route 1 to Logan. One other access point is thru Chelsea to get to Logan as well.

The Turnpike Authority on occasion stopped charging tolls thru the Ted Williams tunnel heading west. This happens on a sporadic basis and companies should be aware it.

Please be aware that any changes the NELA is made aware of will certainly be passed on.  If you are not already receiving updates via the Turnpike Authorities e-Traveler newsletter, please consider signing up for it by clicking the following link.