Posted Saturday, October 21, 2006


Limo Talk * October 20, 2006, by Howard Harrison

SPRINGFIELD, MA -- Taxi Commissioner Lisa Placanica has said that all
limousines and other kinds of liveries would be subject to the
ordinance that regulates taxicabs, like driver background checks and
vehicle inspections under a proposal the City Council would consider.

At a hearing held October 10, 2006, Michael Pazzaneze the new
president of the New England Livery Association (NELA) and Larry
White, immediate past president met with Commissioner Placanica and
three city counselors. Present were several limousine operators and
two legitimate taxi operators. They were able to convince the
commissioner to take the proposal off the docket for the October city
counsel meeting and agreed to postpone any decision making until a
better plan is formulated.

The full commission has also agreed to meet with Michael Pazzaneze and
Larry White to discuss and draw a better plan for the city. Larry
White will be working as the liaison between the operators and the

NELA members and two taxi industry representatives who were at the
hearing will meet to formulate a plan to eliminate the real problem.

Instigating the need for new laws is one gypsy operator who has
refused to conform to the cities existing taxi ordinances and is
operating with livery plates while they are actually a taxi company.

Taxi drivers must get a yearly license to operate and the city must
approve a medallion for each vehicle that certifies its use as a
taxicab. All taxicabs must then pass a free yearly city inspection.