About Us

Competence, Fair Dealing and High Integrity.

The New England Livery Association (NELA) is a non-profit corporation incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our principal office is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

We work closely with manufacturers, coachbuilders, support services and vendors, airport authorities, including MASSPORT, and state and federal regulatory agencies, including DPU, DOT, & RMV, to ensure that the needs and concerns of our members are being considered.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the New England Livery Association (NELA) is to address common problems of the private livery industry by all lawful means, and to collaborate organizational advocacy for the private livery industry through appropriate professional counsel and representation, to cooperate with other related industries and organizations, and to act in a manner consistent with the public interest, as well as in the interest of this industry and trade.

Our Goals

NELA's goals are to promote and advance the interests of the private livery industry:

  • Increase membership to properly represent the private livery industry.

  • Develop financing and activities to meet its financial obligations.

  • Develop ongoing relationships with current regulatory and legislative agencies and other agencies as need dictates, and prevent any regulatory action without due process and review.

  • Develop and publish NELA brochure and quarterly newsletter and react proactively to all adverse and positive situations affecting the image of the industry.

  • Develop, approve and maintain NELA By-Laws to meet current activities and commitments.

  • Create a positive and public image of the livery industry and participate in charitable events.

  • Maintain and actively support a Professional Code of Ethics for the New England Livery Association.

  • Provide for training opportunities for private livery operators.

  • Provide benefits for all members in good standing.

If you are a private ground transportation provider in New England, we can help your business grow and prosper. Please join us. You and your business will benefit from NELA membership.